LRT Scandal: AMALAYER edition

Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.  – Aristotle

Yesterday, Filipino netizens were once again moved, not by “sottocopy”, but by a pretty much scandalous video showing a lady passenger giving fits to a lady guard.

In fact, this particular incident trended nationwide and worldwide with hashtags’ #amalayer #LRT , and so on and so forth. It was that sensational that Senator Sotto should be thankful that he got a one day off netizens’ inconsolable ire over his alleged plagiarism.

So what was the LRT mess all about?

The video was just over a minute long,and it pretty much did not account for what really happened during those times. It showed a girl (figured to be Paula Jamie Salvosa) talking (this is an understatement) with a booming voice to a lady guard while other passengers were surprised with what’s happening around them.

Based on the video, I’ve made my human nature instinct to have a sour feeling over the lady’s actions, which to me seemed inappropriate given that they were in a public setting.

Most twitter users have lashed her, some have thrown their support on her, and it makes sense. After all, we people have the tendency to prejudge without knowing the real score. Yet, we also have the tendency to overlook important things because we are blinded by our personal motives.

I do not know the whole story. But just a collection of what I’ve read, I think it started with the lady being scolded by the guard for something I am not exactly sure of. Well, I guess the lady retaliated leading to what we saw in the video. She claimed she was pushed and shouted at by the guard. I do not know what is really true. But in the context that the lady guard had done something wrong or was at fault, were the actions of the lady right?

Here’s my thought:

I believe (with all my instinct) that both parties were at fault, yes the guard too.   But I also believe that even though the guard was at fault, it didn’t have to end with something as lowly as that. The lady claimed that she was educated (even loudly saying that), she was all in her “ingleshera” mode. But her actions did not validate her words.

Going to school does not equate to being educated. Nor being a good English speaker makes you intelligent. And then again, education can’t teach proper manners and values.

If she were educated, shouldn’t she have thought of settling the issue in a more appropriate manner? The lady guard was commendable for keeping her cool and not meeting the lady’s fury with her own. The guard said sorry, shouldn’t it be enough if the issue was practically simple?

You see, arrogance will never do us good. It may, for some time, feed our egos and make us more confident, proud- arrogant. But it will backfire and now the lady finds herself the target of the netizens’ ire.

And it’s already CYBERBULLYING? Hmmmm…

Lesson here is, always mind your words and actions, especially if they won’t do good to you, others and your environment.

Because in the end, you won’t have a thing to say if they tell you,”I’m just returning the favor.”

There, there, the Golden Rule has never failed us.


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