Why I Write

It has been a year, more than a year in fact, since I last posted on this virtual notebook of mine.

As much as I am passionate in writing, I hope I would sustain the same drive in posting.

Why I write..

Maybe a picture can paint a thousand words and convey infinite meanings. Yet words, when written with heart can stir emotions as much as pictures do.

But then again, why do we write? There are three things that come into my mind when asked. I write as an escape, as a vessel of emotions, and a chestnut as it is, as a form of art.

There are moments in our lives when we feel smothered by the unfortunate events that come our way. Sometimes the more that we try to get out, the more that we are entangled in a never-ending spinning web. I’ve been there—smothered, entangled, but emancipated. You see, small or big, minor or major, we will all have to experience how it is to feel inhibited; and the only way out is through you. Writing has always been an effective escape. Let’s face it. Not all problems can be solved at once. Most of the time, timing away gives you the necessary moment to calm, think and resolve. And after I’ve done that, when I begin to write, there’s a fleeting sense of serenity and freedom within me.

When I’m happy, sad, angry, mad, triumphant, and list countless emotions, I often, if not always, write. The power of transforming emotions to words is just great that when you’re happy, you become happier; when you’re sad, you feel lighter; when you’re angry, you become calm; when you’re triumphant, you feel like you’re fit for royalty. It has always been this formula for me: emotions+write = positive result.

And well, it is a form of art. Words when beautifully fit into a puzzle become meaningful and significant that they will never be blank nor ephemeral.


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